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Figuratively Speaking Newsletter cover

Ventana Magazine, October 2009 (pdf)

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All images provided by the George S. Stuart Foundation are copyrighted. However, images may be used for non-commercial educational purposes with the attribution:

Mixed Media Sculpture by George S. Stuart. Photo(s) by Peter D'Aprix for the Historical Figure Foundation.

For commercial use of images or to arrange interviews and obtain more information about the artist and his work, contact info@galleryhistoricalfigures.com.

Archive of Articles and Videos:

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Lafayette's Ship, the Hermione

Seaways' Ships in Scale Magazine, describes the ship that Lafayette had built to take supplies to Washington's Continental Army. A full scale, seaworthy replica is being built in France , and will once again sail for the Americas.

Seaways' Ships in Scale


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The Dowager Empress of China

The Double Dowagers, or the Emperior Has Two Mothers

AA for Artist Magazine Winter 2014

Winter 2014

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Youthful Encounter with a Royal Palace

George Stuart remembers his lifelong affinity for Versailles and the royal residents.

Adele's Creative Costuming Spring 2013

Summer 2013

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Video Clips from Russian Monologs

Brief video comentaries by George Stuart about each Russian Historical Figure can now be vfiewed on their respective pages on this website and on TouTube.

Historical Figures Web Site

Russian Group

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The Lincoln Biography, Finding Lincoln by George Stuart, Historical Figurative Artist

In this article Stuart describes how he created five Historical Figures of Abraham Lincoln and along the way became one of the President's ardent admirer's.

Adele's Creative Costuming Spring

Spring 2013

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The Despicable Borgias

George Stuart presents a history of the Borgia family during their time in Rome. Runtime - 35 mins.

Available on YouTube (link at left).

Carnevale Ventura 2013

February, 2013

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Carnevale Ventura with Neal Andrews Video

NeaI Andrews interviews Carnevale Ventura participants Joe Rund, Robert Lamarche, Angel Jones and Leroy Becker Runtime - 28:30

Available on Vimeo (link at left).

Conversations with Neal Andrews Part 2

January, 2013

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G. S. Stuart with Neal Andrews Video

NeaI Andrews interviews G. S. Stuart on the the Italian Renaissance, Carnevale Ventura, the infamous Borgia Family and much more. Runtime - 28:30

Available on Vimeo (link at left).

Conversations with Neal Andrews

January, 2013

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Carnevale Ventura Fashion Show Video

at the Crowne Plaza, in Ventura on October 7, 2012. Video includes Madrigali Singers, Stuart welcome, Renaissance Costumes, Model Credits, Marketplace, Portrait Gallery.

Available on YouTube (link at left).

Carnevale Ventura Fashion Show Video

October 27, 2012

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Carnevale Ventura Fashion Show Program

Welcome Letter - Leroy Becker * Renaissance Fashion Show Program * Costume Marketplace * Thanks to . . .

Figuratively Speaking Issue No. 26

October 7, 2012

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Carnevale Ventura Get ArtSmart Video

Interview by Georgeanne Lees and Richard Newsham of Ventura Cultural Arts Commission. Includes segments with Leroy Becker Executive Director of Historical Figures Foundation, Angel Jones Events Director of Carnevale Ventura Commission. Robert Lamarche and Jennifer Ridgway are interviewed in character as Juan and Lucretia Borgia.

Available on YouTube (link at left).

Carnevale Ventura Get ArtSmart Video

August 16, 2012

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Renaissance Magazine #86

Two-page article announces the Carnevale Ventura events in February 2012 and the lead up Designers' Renaissance Fashion Show & Marketplace.

Renaissance Magazine

Summer 2012

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Shaping Arizona Statehood

Brochure describes the Mini Time Machine Museum exhibition of George Stuart Historical Figures that played a part in the creation of the State of Arizona. Figures exhibited include Queen Isabella (1492), King Ferdinand (1492), Christopher Columbus, Pope Alexander VI , Hérnan Cortés, Moctezuma II v.2, Malinche, Aztec Leopard Warrior V.2, Father Eusebio Kino, Jedediah Smith, Kit Carson, Abraham Lincoln 1863, John Fremont and Jessie Freemont.

Mini Time Machine Museum


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Os Cardiais de Camarate

Book cover for fictional history involving Cardinal Richelieu, written by Joāo Santos Fernandes.
Published in Portugal by FRONTEIRA DO CAOS EDITORES, Porto.

Os Cardiais de Camarate


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George Stuart Television Interview

discusses his background and the Historical Figures with Host Neil Andrews , Ventura City Councilman .
Available on CAPS-TV web site (link at left). See Episode 66.

Conversations with Neil Andrews on CAPS TV

September, 2011

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The William J. Clinton Presidential Library "Revolution and Rebellion: Wars, Words and Figures."

Description of exhibit and images of the Historical Figures of the Revolutionary and Civil Wars.

Sons of American Revolution Magazine Winter 2011, Vol 105 No. 3

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The American Constitution "the genius of the people must be consulted".

Illustrated Historical Figures of John Marshall, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton and John Jay.

Full sized poster can be ordered through the Shoppe.

American Historical Poster
Designed and published by Stella Martin

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Revolution and Rebellion: The George Stuart Historical Figures

The Gallery Guide is a preview of the Historical Figures of the American Revolutionary and Civil War times that will be on exhibit at the William J. Clinton Presidential Library from December 11, 2010 to May 22, 2011.

Note: finalized exhibit name was changed to “Revolution and Rebellion: Wars, Words and Figures,”

William J Clinton Library Gallery Guide

September 2010

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Welcome to the World of George Stuart

by Alan Golden. Includes images of Enslaved African, Queen Victoria 1861, Aztec Leopard Warrior, Roman Legionary, Holocaust Victim, Landsknecht, Hoplite, Robert E. Lee, Norman Kniight, Boltar, Napoleon, Henry VIII, American Mountain Man, Mounted Lakota Warrior, Zulu Warrior, Frederick II the Great, Gen. John Burgoyne, American Warriors, Louis XIV Equestrian, Russian Serfs and Francisco Pizarro.

Toy Soldier and Model Figure Magazine

September 2010

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Art Dolls: Rich Traditions, New Ideas

Six pages of text and images on George Stuart - including Oscar Wilde, Caroline von Aspach, Ch'ien Lung Emperor, Marie Antoinette & Children, Louis XIV Equestrian, Louis XVII Dauphin

Niada Book Project


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A Life Misspent.

12 magnificent pages on G.S. Stuart and the Historical Figures including - Marie Antoinette at Court, Henry VIII, Kang Hsi Emperor, Charles I, George I, George III in Robes, King Louis XIV Equestrian, Ts-An Empress, Chien, Lung, Emperor, Maria de Medici, Elizabeth I, Marie Antoinettte with Children, Napoleon Bonaparte, John Burgoyne, Oliver Cromwell, Marquis de la Fayette, Charles II, Zulu Warrior, Mountain Man, Victoria in 1860, Peggy Shippen, Countess Jeanne de la Motte, Countess Jeanne du Barry, Queen Charlotte Sophia, Duchess Yolande de Polignac, Princess Marie Therese de Lamballe

Adele's Creative Costuming Newsletter

Spring 2009

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MAKING HISTORY: G. S. Stuart and the Art of Fine Detail

includes images of Gilles de Retz, Frost Giant, G. S. Stuart, Abraham Lincoln, construction methods, Junipero Serra in progress.

VENTANA Magazine

Oct 2009

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Three Dimensional Portraits Humanize History: George Stuart Historical Figures

Henry VIII , Ann Boleyn, Elizabeth 1, Mm. de Pompadour Article (b/w). George Stuart is interviewed by Ellen Seiden.

Renaissance Magazine

Issue No. 57 - 2007

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Historical Figures: One Man's Passion

Eight pages of spectacular Images and prose about the Historical Figures and their creator, including Queen Victoria 1890, Queen Isabella, Pope Alexander, Cesare Borgia, Lucretia Borgia, Louis XVI, Marie Antoinette (court), Marie Antoinette (guillotine), Robespierre, Dutchess de Polignac, Henry VIII, Queen Elizabeth I, Mary Tudor, Cardinal Wolsey, Earl of Essex, John Adams, George Washington, James Madison, Dolley Madison, Aaron Burr, Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, John Marshall.

The Gold Book

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Historical Figures de George Stuart

A brief review of the Historical Figures from the point of view of miniaturists. Includes images of Lincoln, Pope Alexander VI, Marie Antoinette, Louis XIV, Henry VIII, General Burgoyne, Boris Gudanov, Alexandra Federovna, Elizabeth I, Lorenzo de Medici, George Washington, Napoleon Bonaparte, Catherine de Medici, Pope Alexander VI.

Maison de Poupée Magazine

Autum 2005

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George Stuart, A Man of Many Faces

The art of George Stuart is explored including six of his Native Americans plus Generals Ulysses S, Grant, Robert E. Lee and John Fremont, who were all deployed against them during their military careers.

Art of the West Magazine Tenth Anniversary Edition

November 1997

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The Old Shop: George Stuart

Four pages review the artist, historian and entertainer. Figures include Henry VIII, Bourbon King Charles X, Hagen & Gunter from Das Nibelungenlied, Middle East Dancer Ecstacy, Nancy Kelsey, Queen Marie de Medici, Queen Uta, Etzel, Lakota Warrior on Horse, Saluting Brave and Construction Methods.

Figure International Magazine

September, 2002

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The Carole & Barry Kaye Museum of Miniatures

Beautiful 110-page book summarizing the collections in the museum. Several of the 22 Historical Figures in the Stuart Collection are pictured here for the first time. The book is now out of print, but several copies are available on the internet as of April, 2012.

The Carole & Barry Kaye Museum of Miniatures


Archive of Newsletters:

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Figuratively Speaking Issue No. 34

“Diamonds” Exhibit to Travel to Tucson, Chicago *Foundation to Close by Year End * Beautifully Restored and Digitally Photographed * Website to Continue Attracting Thousands Weekly * Instructional & Historical DVDs to Remain Available * Monolog Documentation in Capable Hands at MVC * Projects Studied but Never Enabled * Thanks for Ten Years of Generous Donations * A Wonderful World of Professional Supporters * A Special Thanks to G. S. Stuart

October 2014

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Figuratively Speaking Issue No. 33

Catherine the Great in Coronation Regalia Featured in “Diamonds Are Forever” Exhibit *New Historical Figure of Shah Jahan Headlines the Stunning “Diamonds Are Forever” Exhibit * Foundation Members Sponsor New Emperor’s Clothing * Opening reception is a first look at a fabulous exhibit and a close-up of Scott Sucher’s Diamonds Collection * Diamonds & Gems Go Hands-On for Kids! * Where in the World is Winston?

May 2014

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Figuratively Speaking Issue No. 32

Historical Diamonds Exhibit Opening Events To Feature Presentations, Foundation Luncheon * Versailles Model Part 2: Best Rooms of Europe * Louis XIV is Brilliant at Tucson Diamond Show * “Stranger than Fiction: Eccentric Personalities”

February 2014

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Figuratively Speaking Issue No. 31

Stuart's Versailles Palace Model, Part 1. Overview of the Project *

February 2014

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Figuratively Speaking Issue No. 30

Double Empress Dowagers, The Emperor Has Two Mothers * World Expert Gem Replicator Scott Sucher Joins Team for Historical Figures & Diamonds Exhibit * Ten Years of Historical Figure Advocacy. * “All that Glitters” Monologs on October 22 & 23 - The High Fashion of the George Stuart Historical Figures

October 2013

publication image

Figuratively Speaking Issue No. 29xx

Rise of the Norse Gods? * Song of the Open Road - George Stuart Remembers * Fact vs. Fiction - Stuart Critiques Hollywood * New Chinese Figure Captures Tzu-Hsi as Young Concubine * Famous Diamonds to Meet Historical Figures in 2014 Exhibit in MVC Smith Gallery * Video Clips of Russian Monolog hit HFF Web Site, YouTube.

July 2013

publication image

Figuratively Speaking Issue No. 28

Youthful Encounter with a Royal Palace - George Stuart Remembers * Carnevale Ventura Weekend Brought to Life Stuart’s Fabulous Renaissance Figures* Stuart Draws and Quarters Ukraine and Fabergé Eggs * Long Time Stuart Assistant Stella Martin is Missed *Grant Brings More Video Clips to Websites * STUART’S CHOICE EXHIBIT Runs through May 12 *

April 2013

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Figuratively Speaking Issue No. 27

Finding Lincoln - George Stuart Remembers * Fashion Show and Marketplace Artistic Successes. * Lincoln's Top Hat Dropped to My Chinr * Lincoln Monolog - Most Popular Ever * The Rail Splitter * The Springfield Lawyer * The New President * The thoughtful Chief Executive * The Tragic End * Epilogue * Lincoln Era Figures Get Virtual Puzzles * Your Annual Membership is More Important than Ever *

Let Them Eat Cake Exhibit and Monologs.
* Queen of France
* The Mob at the Gates

November 2012

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Figuratively Speaking Issue No. 26

Renaissance Fashion Show Introduces Historical Figures® to a New Audience * Empress Revised * Nixon Sparks Collection * Mr. Schiffer * Ambassadors Presented to Ventura City Council, Ride in County Fair Parade * Get Art Smart Interview Brings Figures to Life. * Gino Stands in for Lamarche at Rubicon Theater's "As You Like It" * Historical Figures Will Soon Have a Puzzled Look * Stuart's First Web-Aided Seminar: Successful * Current Stuart Monologs - "The Dragon Awakes"

September 2012

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Figuratively Speaking Issue No. 25

Nicolo Machiavelli Figure Adds Political Depth * Stuart Monologs Describe Conquest of Americas * Lucrezia Borgia Costume by Shelley Rogers * Fund Enables Costumes for Borgias, Others.

June 2012

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Figuratively Speaking Issue No. 23&24

Arizona centennial Exhibit * Stuart to Lecture Oxnard History Teachers * Tucson Mask Lady * Juan Borgia Costume Exhibited at Ventura Museum * Head Sculpting Workshop Goes On Line * Carnevale Ventura Events*

February 2012

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Figuratively Speaking Issue No. 22

Foundation to Produce "Carnevale Ventura" * Annual Meeting and Memebership Renewal * Queen Charlotte Sopia Makeover Replaces Hair and Coronation Skirt * Many Norse Figures Debut on the Foundation Website * Historical Figures to Illustrate Arizona History Statehood Centennial Celebration

October 2011

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Figuratively Speaking Issue No. 21

Tudor & Borgia Wiki Features Historical Figures * Clinton Exhibit Breaks New Ground * Renewing Members Replish Foundation Reserves * Foundation Increases Outreach, Gets Google Grant * Bourbons to Follow Romanovs at MVC * New Format for Newsletter.

April 2011

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Figuratively Speaking Issue No. 20

Introducing a new, young Charlotte Sophia * Upgrades of Duchess of Kendal and Countess Darlington * New Lone Woman of San Nicolas Island * Monologs in new Pavalion at Museum of Ventura * Website enhancements * Clinton Presidential Library exhibit report at annual meeting.

October 2010

publication image

Figuratively Speaking Issue No. 19

Clinton & Bush 41 Presidential Libraries Exhibit Historical Figures® * Support Mr. Stuart by Attending Summer Monologs in New 200-Seat MVC Pavilion * Final California Street Monolog Focused on Luther * Three New Figure Groups Added to Digital Image Library * New Tucson Miniatures Museum May Host Hitorical Figures Exhibit * MVC Store to Feature Prints and DVDs during Exhibit of American Patriots & Founders this Summer

July 2010

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Figuratively Speaking Issue No. 18

Popular “Really Awful People” Debut on Website * Oxnard Library Hosts Ben Franklin Monolog & Figures * MVC Features French Figures for Versailles Talk * Smith-Hobson Foundation Grant Helps Assure 2010 Completion of Digital Image Library * Henri & Stuart Organize Files of 50 Years of Figure Building * Body Workshop DVD Set Completed

January 2010

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Figuratively Speaking Issue No. 17

“Warriors of the Ages” Pays Tribute to the Front Line * “If this Figure was any more real, we’d have to fight World War II again!” * Stuart and Figures Featured in VENTANA Magazine * Founders & Patriots Debut in Time for School Year * Foundation DVDs Win Cappie Awards in Educational & Instructional and Arts & Culture * GalleryHistoricalFigures.com: Leading Art Website? * Historical Figures In Print * Shared Dreams Come True for Volunteers and Donors

October 2009

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Figuratively Speaking Issue No. 16

Annual Stakeholders Meeting to Feature Stuart Reading and Myth & Legend Figures * Supporters to Receive Rare DVD of Dramatic Presentation of Myths & Legends * Menu Historical Figures Foundation Second Annual Stakeholders Meeting

July 2009

publication image

Figuratively Speaking Issue No. 15

Winter Palace Historical Monologs Set for June Sell Out * Your Vote Counts: Foundation Summer Gathering * Help Bring the Founders, Patriots and Lincoln Era Figures to the Foundation Website in 2009 * Russian Group Photography Completes Grant Project * Henri and Stuart Pen Article for Figurative Art Magazine * Norse Dragon Fafnir Undergoing Major Restoration * Enhanced Website Now Foundation Project * New DVD Will Curl Your Hair—Color and Style It, Too! * Special Sale of VHS Tapes of Intros to Stuart, Figures * Introduction of Romanov Russia DVDs Delayed.

May 2009

publication image

Figuratively Speaking Issue No. 14

Smith-Hobson Foundation Grant Brings Tsarist Russian Figures To Digital Image Library * Stuart Gives Publications Company to Historical Figures Foundation * C. Ewing McCartney Donates Video Archives, Inventories and Cash to Foundation Efforts * New Monologs about Famous Historical Sites Sheduled for Ventura Museum * One Figure or More? But Who Is Counting! * Lakota Warrior Adds to Native American Exhibits at Ojai Valley Museum * Foundation Remembers Enthusiastic Supporter * 2008 Foundation Contributors

January 2009

publication image

Figuratively Speaking Issue No. 13

Monologs Describe Famous Palaces, Give New Insights into Aztec and Chinese Cultures * Head Mistress Martinez Tops Off Workshop * Vigilance and Science, the Cost of 100-Year Old Figures * Head Sculpting DVDs Capture Stuart’s Techniques * Subscriptions Needed to Complete Photo Archive * New Video DVD “Many Faces of George Stuart” * “The Russians” Episode Wins Arts & Culture Award * Ventura Museum Features Aztec Figures * October Website Visits from 79 Countries *

October 2008

publication image

Figuratively Speaking Issue No. 12

New Monologs Link Figures and Architecture * Dysfunctional Tudors Featured in MVC Exhibit Museum * “Mountain Man” Takes Us Back to Early West * Manchu Figures to Debut on Gallery Website * Foundation Launch Party, Food for Body and Soul * October Head Sculpting Workshop Sold Out * Safe Journey: Hernandez-Monsanto Collection *

July 2008

publication image

Figuratively Speaking Issue No. 11

Nonprofit Foundation Launched to Support Historical Figures® and Monologs * Museum of Ventura County to Open Main Street Location * Russian Monologs and Figures: First Step to Documentary Production and Website * Hernandez-Monsanto Figures Revitalized in Two-Year Restoration Project * “West to the Pacific” Exhibit at Stuart Gallery * English Documentary Wins rts and Culture Awards * English Documentary Wins Arts and Culture Awards * Personal Media Player Puts History in Your Pocket

April 2008

publication image

Figuratively Speaking Issue No. 10

Now on DVD: Popular Documentaries on Stuart and the Making of the Historical Figures® * Russian Historical Figures Conclude Three Decades of Stuart Exhibitions, Monologs in Smith Gallery * Stuart Team Completes Two-Year Restoration of Monsanto-Hernandez Collection * Expert Artists Learn Stuart’s Figure Building Techniques in Advanced Workshop Selected Northern European Figures Scheduled for Exhibition at Ojai Valley Museum

January 2008

publication image

Figuratively Speaking Issue No. 9

“The Holocaust” Figure Symbolizes Man’s Inhumanity to Man * Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust to Exhibit Figure, Host Stuart Event * Bourbon Dynasty - French Join English Figures * Stuart to Host Workshop and Seminar on Figure Building * Oxnard Library to Sponsor Stuart Talk * Museum of Ventura County Hosts Monologs and Exhibit * Ojai Valley Museum Displays Selected Chinese Figures

October 2007

publication image

Figuratively Speaking Issue No. 8

Search Begins for Two Missing Figures Monsanto Fashion Models * Early California Figures Support Ojai Program * Hollywood’s “Blond Bombshell” Lived Fast, Died Young * French Entertainer Was the Toast of Paris Night Clubs for Half a Century * Public Invited to Videotaping Sessions at at TDC for Bourbon Monologs * Figure Building Workshop Scheduled for November Seminar * Early Photos Monsanto Collection Reveal Four More Missing Figures * Jedediah Smith Society Features Namesake Figure after Careful Examination * July Newsletter Ends Current Subscription Year.

July 2007

publication image

Figuratively Speaking Issue No. 7

New Photo Portraits of French Figures Prepared for Gallery Website and Summer Monologs * Das Nibelungenlied Exhibited at Gallery of Historical Figures * Generic Viking Warrior Joins Private Collection of Military “Grunts” * Material Shopping Takes Patience and Persistence * Monolog Videotaping Moves to TDC Studio * Schedules for Monologs, Events, Exhibits Now Listed on Gallery Website * Public Takes to New Gallery Website: Thousands Viewed Images, Watched Clips in March * English Series Ready for Broadcast and Purchase

April 2007

publication image

Figuratively Speaking Issue No. 6

Subscriptions Sponsor First Phase of New Historical Figures Website * English Group First on New Website * Take a Scroll Through History * Make Dolley’s Day? * What Next? A Non-Profit Organization? * Monsanto-Hernandez Figures Preservation and Restoration on Schedule

January 2007

publication image

Figuratively Speaking Issue No. 5

Stuart’s Earliest Figures Please Smithsonian Visitors after Fifty Years of Display * Ojai Valley Museum to Honor Stuart’s Work * Master Portraitist Completes Digital Imaging of English Figures * New Web site to Bring Historical Figures to Public * A Year of Progress and a Promising Future * Thanks to Our Volunteers * Subscription Renewal Time!

October 2006

publication image

Figuratively Speaking Issue No. 4

Pasadena Museum of History Features Historical Figures® in Miniatures Exhibit * Stuart and Zinser Collaborate on Dentures for Historical Figures * English History Monologs Air in Ventura, Ojai, Santa Barbara, Oxnard. * Ojai Gallery Exhibit Norse Gods Runs Through November 2006 Summer Special! * Monolog DVDs Offered at Consumer Prices

July 2006

publication image

Figuratively Speaking Issue No. 3

Stuff of Legends: Germanic Mythic Figures Featured in Stuart’s Ojai Gallery * Zulu Warrior is Newest Commission in Collector’s “Grunt” Soldiers Group * What’s Love Got to do With It?” Summer Monolog Series Features Couples * Three-DVD Monolog Set Documents 300 Years of English History” * English History Monologs to Air on Ventura Channel 6 during April and May * Four Monsanto Figures Restored

April 2006

publication image

Figuratively Speaking Issue No. 2

Missing Historical Figures Tracked to Spokane * Exhibit, Seminar: Hits of Boston Expo * VCMHA Builds National Tour of Historical Figures * George III Returns for Fall Exhibit and Mozart Visits Briefly before Departing for Florida * New Gallery Website and Archive Underway * Stuart Gives First Computer-aided Monologs * Efforts Begun to Video Tape Last Reprise of Monologs * Gallery Now Accepting Membership

.January 2006

publication image

Figuratively Speaking Issue No. 1

Missing Historical Figures Tracked to Spokane * Exhibit, Seminar: Hits of Boston Expo * VCMHA Builds National Tour around . . * George III Returns for Fall Exhibit * W A Mozart Visits Briefly . . . * New Gallery Website and Archive Underway * Stuart Gives First Computer-aided Monologs * Efforts Begun to Video Tape Last Reprise of Monologs * Gallery Now Accepting Membership.

October 2005

publication image

Go Figure Issue No. 1

* Stuart Shares Professional History, Introduces Newest Historical Figure * Artist to demonstrate classical Chinese embroidery techniques for Stuart’s newest Historical Figure® * Book signing is an opportunity to share Historical Figures with friends and family.

May 2004

Press Releases:

Diamonds Are Forever Exhibit Extended at the Museum of Ventura County through September 28
Diamonds Are Forever Exhibit Opens at the Museum of Ventura County on May 2
American's Sculpture of Chinese Historical Figures Honor Olympics Games
New DVD Documentary Series Hosted by Artist George Stuart Brings English History to Life
Sculpture Honors Holocaust Victims - Exclusive Exhibit at the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust
George Washington, Other Military Sculptures will Bivouac at Boston Expo




Images © copyright by Peter d'Aprix