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Image: Figures from history of France as Bourbon Dynasty, republic and empire.

Portrait length color image of Frederick II aka.
Text: Signature image of Frederick II aka.

Fredrick’s military adventures stirred up European Alliances.

The year that Frederick ascended to the Prussian throne, he invaded Austria's province of Silesia, beginning a series of military adventures thereby stirring up the alliances of the European powers and culminating in world war (Seven Years War), which included the Americas.

Though he did not directly attach Russia, his actions with regard to Poland and his influence in the Baltic States caused the Russians to fear and dread him. Eventually Frederic was seen as the mortal enemy of Russia, which in turn brought on a coup d’état in St. Petersburg. Fredrick's policies and military actions laid the foundation for the future German Reich.

Full length color image of Frederick II aka.

Left close up color image of Frederick II aka.

Right closup color image of Frederick II aka.

Portrait by artist-historian George Stuart.
Courtesy Museum of Ventura County.

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