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Mounted Lakota Warrior

Mounted Lakota Warrior by Artist/Historian George S. Stuart

Gallery Guide

Welcome to the gallery guide to George Stuart’s Historical Figures. Each Figure portrayed was important to the political power structure of their time. Mr. Stuart sculpts each subject as a three-dimensional, quarter life-size portrait. Viewers get a firsthand look at how these special people appeared during their lifetimes.

The gallery exhibits are organized in topical groups, as they were created to support Stuart’s entertaining monologs. The groups represent American history, Chinese history, English history, Russian history, and more, including France and Italy. In addition, there are multinational groups including the Renaissance and Reformation, the Movement West, and more. Check back frequently for new photographs.

Just click on the representative images below to examine the figures within each group.

English History, Royal England Group represented by King Henry VIII
Royal England

History of France, Bourbon France Group represented by Duchess Yolande de Polignac
Bourbon France

Russian History, Romanov Russia Group represented by Empress Catherine II
Romanov Russia

Chinese History, Qing China Group represented by Ch'ienLung Emperor
Qing China

Lorenzo De Medici

 American History, United States Patriots and Founders Group represented by Benjamin Franklin
American Revolution

American History, Personalities of the Lincoln Era Group represented by General Robert E. Lee
American Civil War

American History, Peoples of the Americas Group represented by Sioux Warrior
Peoples of the Americas

American History, Movement West Group represented by Hernan Cortes
Movement West

Really Awful People
Really Awful People

World History, Renaissance and Reformation Group represented by John Calvin
Renaissance and Reformation

World History, Warriors of the Ages Group represented by Roman Legionary
Warriors of the Ages

World History, Early Works Group represented by Poppaea Sabina
Early Works

World History, Clerics Group represented by Cardinal Richelieu

Germanic Myth & Legend

World History,Nosferatu Group represented by Dracula



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