Image: Roman Centurion, Roman Legionary, Zulu Warrior, Boltar, Landsknecht, Mountain Man and Hoplite.
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Text: Warriors of the Ages

Where there is war there are warriors.

From tribal skirmishes to titanic conflagrations, battles have been fought and won or lost by hand-to-hand combatants. These extraordinary warriors of the ages range from highly trained professionals to conscripted landsmen. While most defended their families and land, many others used their prowess to pillage and plunder as marauders or mercenaries. These generic Figures particularly reflect an appreciation for bravery and skills in life-threatening engagements. From the Greek Hoplite, Aztec Leopard Warrior, Roman Legionary, Centurion, through the Norman Knight and Landsknecht depended on sword, spear or bow. With the invention of practical firearms, battles became less hand-to-hand combat. Even the generic Mountain Man, Jedediah Smith and Kit Carson depended more on the gun than the knife when battling American Indians or bear.

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Thumbnail color image of Landsknecht aka.

Thumbnail color image of Roman Centurion aka.
Roman Centurion

Thumbnail color image of Roman Legionary  aka.
Roman Legionary

Thumbnail color image of Greek Hoplite Warrior aka.
Greek Hoplite Warrior

Thumbnail color image of Norman Knight  aka. Crusader, by George Stuart.
Norman Knight

Thumbnail color image of Boltar aka.

Thumbnail color image of Aztec Leopard Warrior V.1, by George Stuart.
Aztec Leopard Warrior V.1

Thumbnail color image of Aztec Leopard Warrior V.2, by George Stuart.
Aztec Leopard Warrior V.2

Thumbnail color image of American Mountain Man aka.
American Mountain Man

Thumbnail color image of Jedediah Smith aka.
Jedediah Smith

Thumbnail color image of Kit Carson aka.
Kit Carson

Thumbnail color image of Zulu Warrior, by George Stuart.
Zulu Warrior

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